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Direct Ship Wound Care Kits

Standardize Your Wound Care & Ship 30 Day Supply Kits Directly To Patients Doorstep


Studies show a 60% - 70% increase in patient compliance when wound care kits are shipped directly to their doorstep.  Our wound kits include everything your patient needs to effectively take care of diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, non pressure wounds, surgical wounds & burns.  

Covered by Medicare & most carriers for any type of wound. 

All Kits Include:

4oz bottle Saline Wound Wash

Primary Dressings (Collagen Powder/Matrix Pad)

Secondary Dressings

Gauze Sponges

*Sizes (2"x2",4"x4",7"x7")

Download FAX Order Form
Choice of Primary dressings:

Collagen Powder 

-Each gram absorbs 40%-60%x its weight in fluid

-100% Type I Bovine Collagen, effective in all wound phases

-retained helix structure enhances scaffolding process for granulation tissue formation


Collagen Matrix Sheets

-collagen sheet-triple helix, collagen structure

-can be used in combination with topical agents


Ordering Process:
Download FAX Order Form

→ Fax

       Demographics/Face Sheet


       Wound History

       Fax Order Form (Download Order Form)

→ Benefits are Checked 

→ Wound Kit is dropped shipped to patient

→ 60/90 Day scripts sent out after Coordinator verifies compliance

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