Knee Scooters: Introduction to Makes, Models, and Mobility

Knee Coaster Advantages & Models

Knee Coasters, also known as Knee Walkers or Knee Scooters, are an optimal tool for those recovering from sprains, breaks, surgeries or procedures performed on the ankle or foot. This medical device is an effective alternative to their cumbersome siblings, the crutch or walker. The knee coaster allows the user to have the injured foot elevated without putting pressure on the healing point (making your doctor happy!) during the first weeks of recovery. This provides easy access to everyday activities for the patient (making him or her happy!).

How do I get a knee scooter to me?

Rentals vary by company in price and delivery method. Ideally, you should look for a company that is willing to discuss your personal needs in regards to the type of surgery performed and recommended time of recovery.

The less time that weight is applied to the repaired foot or ankle, the better odds your recovery will be a success. Look for a rental option that delivers to you on the day of or even before the surgery is completed. Some patients have benefited by practicing use of the knee coaster a day before surgery. is a great example of a company that can deliver to the patient's home, office, or surgical center at the time preferred. Return of the unit is equally easy as we schedule a time to pick the unit up based on the patient's schedule.

Some advantages that knee coasters provide

The Knee Scooter relieves the injury from weight and provides elevation that a crutch, walker or boot simply cannot do while allowing you to return to everyday activities.

Doctor Compliance: According to the instructions provided by a physician, a knee walker provides mobility for the patient, compliance for the doctor, and ease of mind for all.

This type of medical device provides patient specific tailoring. The knee platform and handle bars are adjustable with the turn of a knob. It is important to take time to fit the model to the patient, not unlike

setting your mirrors when getting in the car. This will ensure a great experience while recovering! It also is easy to transport, as it folds and is compact when necessary. There is no reason your everyday activities-from work to shopping or going to the game-should stop while healing from your surgery.

Another advantage the knee scooter has over walkers or crutches lies in its design. The width of the unit is roughly that of a person's shoulders, making doorways and aisles easy to maneuver.

Makes and Models

Knee Scooters are produced by a hand full of companies. While they all appear similar, the Roscoe unit comes highly recommended by many references. It is sturdy, easy to use, and flexible to transport.

A pediatric unit is also available. The Isokinetics model comes with glowing reviews. Following are some links that provide specific information and reviews regarding each model we use at Knee Coaster.

According to Best Reviews Guide

The Best Reviews Guide ranked the Roscoe Adult Knee Walker 9.8

The Isokinetics Pediatric Knee Scooter 8.7

Roscoe Adult Knee Scooter

Roscoe Adult Knee Scooter

Isokinetics Pediatric Knee Scooter

Isokinetics Pediatric Knee Scooter

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