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Knee Walker Rental Process

The first step in the "Knee Wallker Rental Process" is selecting a model that best fits your needs. Online suppliers and local medical equipment supply stores can differ in the makes and models in which they offer for knee roller rentals. When deciding upon a knee scooter there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Price, height specs. and special features can vary drastically between models. Below you will find a list of three completely different knee scooters and a few categories they differ in.

Description of Models

Model Price Height Specs. Special Features

Roscoe Knee Walker $$ 4'11 - 6'6'' Folds for Easy


All-Terrain Knee Rover $$$ 5' - 6'5'' Mag Tires

Isokinetics Rover Jr. $$ 4' - 5'4'' Light Weight

Small Frame

Once you have decided upon a make and model you are ready to look at knee walker supplier. There are many resources to finding a rental company. The internet is a wonderful source to find a Knee Coaster rental business, local medical suppy stores or your treating physician should have a list of companies.

These companies can differ in price, delivery methods, length of rental periods and models in inventory.


Depending on the marketplace in which you live, prices can vary drastically

Delivery Methods

Online companies usually ship using a third party shipper with the exception being hand delivery. Local medical equipement stores tend to require you to pickup knee walkers at a physical location.

Length of Rental Period

The standard rental period is one month. Rarely do any knee walker suppliers rent for terms less than one month due to the lack of profitability.

Models in Inventory

The Roscoe Knee Scooter, or like models, are the standard knee walkers available. All-Terrain or pediatric units are the least common models supplied by knee walker rental companies.

For more information, please call Knee Coaster at 817-798-7817.

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