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5 Steps on How to use Texas Worker's Compensation for Knee Walker or Knee Scooter Rentals

The Texas Department of Insurance has deemed knee walkers or knee scooters a covered durable medical device under worker's compensation insurance. The process to have your rental or purchase of a rollator is fairly simple and easy. For online submission click here or call Knee Coaster at 817-798-7817.

Step 1: Initial phone call

There is some initial information needed to file a claim.

Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth

Date of Injury

Worker's Comp Claim #

Name and Phone Number of Insurance Adjuster

Name and Phone Number of Treating Physician

* You should not have to provide your social security #

Step 2: Knee Coaster Obtains Authorization

Medical equipement suppliers are required by the Texas Department of Insurance to call your insurance adjuster and request authorization. Once this is complete, your medical knee scooter is ready to be shipped. For more a more detailed explanation of what information is needed, please see our blog "How to fill out a Worker's Compensation Knee Scooter Claim for a Foot or Ankle Injury".

Step 3: Schedule Knee Scooter Delivery

Once authorization from your adjuster has been completed, delivery of your knee walker can be scheduled. Delivery options vary between suppliers.

delivery truck

Step 4: After Recovery

Once you have fully recovered, you are ready to return your knee roller. Depending on the medical supplier, return methods can also vary.

For more information on Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage for Knee Scooters click here or call Knee Coaster at 817-798-7817.

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