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Personal Medical Insurance

Are Knee Walkers covered by your personal medical insurance?


At Fort Worth - Dallas based Knee Coaster, we do not file personal medical insurance on your behalf for the rental of Knee Scooters, nor are we a Medicare or Medicaid provider.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider Knee Walkers a luxury item, but some providers will accept claims or apply the cost to your deductible.


To find out whether your knee scooter is covered, contact your insurance company and ask what documentation is needed to submit your claim.


  • E0118 - Medical Knee Walker

  • E0143 - Folding Walker with wheels

Common Documentation Requested:

  • Prescription & Diagnosis Code 

  • Letter of Medical Necessity

  • Surgical Slip

  • Receipt of Transaction

Knee Coaster cannot guarantee reimbursement for a Leg Scooter and the information discussed is meant to be informative.  Any authorization must be discussed between you and your insurance provider.

We are a Dallas - Fort Worth Knee Scooter - Knee Walker Rental Company.  If you have any questions as to which Knee Walker Models we feature, please contact us at (817) 798-7817.  Knee Scooters / Walkers are Covered by Workers Comp to assist in speeding up recovery time, and we are here to help when you need Knee Scooter or Walker Rentals.

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