Knee Scooter Rental



$100 for one month rental (Minimum)

$100 deposit

$15 weekly renewal after one month rental

Free Same Day Delivery

Free Return

Rental Process

1. Call to place your order or reserve a coaster for a later date.

2. Schedule a delivery to your home, office, school or surgical center.

3. After recovery, call to schedule a return.

4. Your deposit is refunded back on your card.

Knee Coaster is a steerable Knee Scooter - Knee Walker Rental Company.  We know that recovery from ankle or foot surgery is stressful enough!  Knee Scooters or Knee Walkers allow you to safely move from initial recovery to fully regaining your mobility and back to your normal routine.  Knee Coaster strives to make our Knee Scooter Rental process as easy on you as possible. 


Our advisors will make your experience fast and simple, so you can get  back on the road to recovery.  

Knee Scooter Rental Process

Knee Scooter Rental 

 $ 100 a Month + Tax

 $ 100 Deposit


After your monthly rental expires, a $15 weekly fee will be charged until returned.  $100 deposit will be refunded back on the credit card used for rental. 


Free Returns

Call to schedule a pickup at your home or office.  Returns are scheduled Monday - Thursday 9am-1pm

Workers' Compensation Knee Scooter

Worker's Comp & Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance can be negotiated with your insurer, as mandated by the Texas Department of Insurance, before you purchase a knee scooter or walker. Once you have your Claim Number, Knee Coaster can process a knee scooter rental for you.  Just call and have your  adjuster and doctor information available for Knee Coaster to process your claim.  Personal insurance not accepted.

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